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Journey to Jupiter: Discover the Life You'll Create

Jun 26, 2020

April Thompson currently works as a technical trainer and program manager on the Well-Architected Team at Amazon Web Services where she helps customers build better architectures in the cloud.

Her 15-year career has spanned various engineering, sales, marketing and consulting roles as well as independent work in tourism and training. She is also a Certified Life Coach and, in her spare time, enjoys helping early and mid-career professionals make career transitions within marketing and technology.


In this episode, April discusses:

  • Why she ultimately decided not to continue on with her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (hint: to thrive you must really enjoy spending time in a laboratory)
  • How a chance meeting at the National Society of Black Engineers conference introduced her to a career in software sales
  • Challenges she experienced when trying to explore non-technical roles in tech and advice on how you can prevent being stuck in a box
  • How earning an engineering degree prepares you for non-technical jobs
  • Her experience being a woman of color in tech and defining her own executive presence


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